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Radical Abundance


God is greater than all our theologies, and our imperfect secular logic doesn’t work when it comes to trying to define who God is. In John 2:1-11, we see Jesus Christ as the quintessential sign of God's extravagant, affectionate, and all-encompassing love for each of us. Out of our decision to follow Jesus, God gives to us an over-abundance of Godly love. Our spiritual cups overflow, and God’s desire for us is to give love to others out of the abundance of love that overflows from us. This powerful story in John’s Gospel can teach us many lessons. For one, the religious ways of yesterday and how we envision our faith-lives are now olde news. Eventually, whether we like it or not, and we rarely do, the olde ways simply don’t work anymore. They don’t need to be rejected, but they do need to be renewed, which amounts to our spiritual awakening. Another lesson is that viewpoints of renewed faith can come from the most unexpected sources. Jesus didn’t make new wine in new vats; he used the ritual vats (signifying the olde ways) to create the new wine. So, we can build on the past, but we can’t live by the olde ways. Finally, our faith is re-imagined every time we take the lead of Jesus in pointing us toward God. This new-wine story wasn’t a once-and-for-all call to leave the olde law behind and embrace Jesus. It was a call for consistently drinking the wine of renewed faith that makes possible being God’s person right now. Having been asked by His mother to do something about the lack of wine, Jesus had the servants fill six stone jars with water, which held about 30 gallons each. Think about this. It would’ve been easy for Jesus to send one of His disciples down to Circle K and buy a few bottles of the cheap stuff. But Jesus chose to create new wine, and show us the way to new life, out of the water that is already present at the wedding celebration. Then Jesus had one of the servants draw a ladle and take it to the headwaiter to sample. Well, the water had been turned into wine, and not just any wine, but the best wine imaginable: and not just a few bottles, but 180 gallons of it! This is Spiritual Awakening through God’s Radical Abundance! This miracle that Jesus caused provided an abundant blessing to the wedding guests, and to us, as well. Why us (?); because, if we look at this scene with spiritual eyes, we see ourselves in this passage, too. The wine is our lives and the life within us, and it is quickly running out. And when it’s run out, we are left in the emptiness of our lives to search for something, anything, that will refill us. The empty vessels of our lives; our life itself, has become hollow and meaningless. Our body, mind, soul and spirit have become a dried out dusty desert wasteland. We know by our own life experiences that we can’t leave the garbage dump that we have made of our lives without help. And, that help is the Godly help of God-presence itself!  Jesus is that God-presence: He is God become flesh in order to bring us the salvation that we so desperately need and seek after! God wants to abundantly and miraculously bless us. God’s radical abundance can fill each of us with so much blessing that our spiritual cups will overflow. Lord, make it so!